آموزش ماهیگیری ورزشی حرفه اي - ماهی شیربت (Barbus Grypus )
آموزش حرفه ای ماهیگیری ورزشی

Fish Shyrbt

 Public and Scientific names:

 The scientific name is fish Barbus Grypus and one species of fish Cyprinidae Common Carp is a large family.  The fish in the English language Large Scaled Barb know.  Of the names on this fish have built include: Shyrbt, Shyrbd, fish sauce, fish or bug, Roman (although no application in Khuzestan), Sorkheh.

 Arabic Shbbvt imply large beard or mustache.

 Key specifications:

 Because these two pairs Sbylk having power, even in the Dorsal spines and less than 44 reveal Polk along sides of fish is detected.


 Semi-cylindrical body and pulled the head and tail relatively small and relatively thin stem of the other specifications of this fish is.  Mouth, head and bottom fish in the shape of horseshoe is plump and has Lbhayy.  Last sejati Keseluruhan shape with soft brushed sharp corners but not serrated.  Barbvs•ha (Barbel) approximately in length, are similar to each other.  Dorsal with 12 radius, radius of 8 rays, 17-14 pectoral fin rays and abdominal radius of radius 8.  Total fish insang Find blade is 22-16.  The parties are Pvlk•hayy abdomen.  The pharyngeal teeth formula 5,3,2-2,3,5 is with fish.  More front teeth and small teeth blunt Keseluruhan spoon shape with Nvk•hay are crotchety.


 Flower colors are usually between redness is pale to orange.  Behind them dark olive - brown to black want - is green.  Pahlavi yellow to silver or silver or abdomen is white.  May be among the two-sided linear impalpable fish exists.  Go Pahlavi big fish usually dark orange in color and low fish Pahlavi, Polk Dvrdar are.  Pectoral fins, abdominal, and lunak near the tail are shiny orange.

 Pectoral and abdominal fins dark with shadows may be reddish or red - are brown and the abdominal fin leading edge is pink.  Rays may end water - is black.  Dorsal is transparent.  Margins yellow eyes - calcareous Green - Green.  Near the tail fin is Gray.


 This species in size and different sizes and sometimes صيد is incredible.  For example, Syria fully to 150 cm and weight 30 kg is also صيد.  Personal name Sir Banystr Iraq in 1980, the fish length 200 cm and weighing 100 kg صيد that may course with similar species such as fish-sung is wrong but not impossible.

 Lorestan people consider this fish to over 60 kg in weight reaches Khuzestan Trvfh s above 20 kg is صيد.  The fish intake channel and usually is not more than 3 kg.


 The fish out of the country in Watershed basin rivers Tigris and Euphrates river basin in the country of Iraq and Arvnts country is found in Lebanon.  Watershed basin in Iran and the Persian Gulf are found in Khuzestan plain.  Basin in the Gulf can be the salty rivers, Shahpur, Z., Dalky, Hlh, plains leopard, H. limp and all lakes and Famr (Parish) and the Karun River in Khuzestan, Gvtvnd Dam, Dez Dam, the river Symrh, Karkheh, Shahid Abbaspour Dam pointed out.

 However, in some rivers and dams in other parts of the country, including the river anymore, dam brave Zanjan, Marmyshv Lake Urmia, Lake and Dam Mirage Mlvsan Nahavand Ekbatan are found in Hamedan.

 Date of:

 Different conditions will tolerate.  The fish through his percussive power, for example some with river flow and high flow can easily live.  Adult fish move toward the source of the river and spent the spawn of the main habitats are open.  For this reason perhaps is that the spring season that spawn this fish is native to lakes and rivers entries on the dams and bring a Sydy are easy.  (Of course, this practice is Najvanmrdanh)

 Because they need high oxygen, the rivers to lakes and marsh prefer.  They easily 9 temperature to 31 degrees Celsius should be easily tolerated.  The fish usually can be found in freshwater waterways.  (Oxygen ppm7.5-7.6, salinity is suitable 1-1/5ppt. PH appropriate environment is neutral or slightly alkaline


 Article 11 Nrha ها years and 17 years can be (although this age of environmental conditions is variable) and fish length 45 cm to 48 age 4-5 age is mature.  Article Nrha ها mature earlier and are more than material terms of the number are.  (Article Nrha are almost two-thirds)

 Fish on the sand bed can be Vmas•h or Reproduction, Eggs Drhfrh Vmyq narrow sand are put inside.  Egg and fish large diagonal about 5 / 1 mm are.


 They are usually everything eater.  Of algae, moss and high parts of plants can be fed.  Grains are a strange interest.  They also come down from the fruit down in the water can be fed.  May also use the small fish should.

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